Meet Gems – Your AI knowledge assistant

It was inevitable – ChatGPT for your entire own knowledge is here. And the consequences are bigger than you think… 🤯

I’d love to introduce to you my project Gems, your AI knowledge assistant. It answers all your questions based on information it has from all your favorite tools like Notion, Gmail, Slack etc.

Here is our story – why we’re building this, what problems Gems is solving and how it might completely change the way you remember knowledge.

What problem is it solving?

Knowledge is our biggest lever as knowledge workers. Unfortunately though, accessing knowledge in the digital realm is broken. We spend about 19% of our time searching for information (McKinsey, 2012). This is AN ENTIRE DAY of our workweek.

This is because retrieving knowledge involves so much friction. Most of our knowledge is scattered across apps like Google Drive, Slack, Email & co. So we forget where things are and sometimes we even forget that some information exists in our tools altogether. And whenever we add new information, it’s quite some work to put it into the right place and document it properly.

While pioneers like Tiago Forte, Dan Shipper and Nick Milo have come up with best-in-class systems to manage oneself, it’s still all manual effort. We spend time structuring, sorting, filtering and tagging information and yet still waste time browsing and searching whenever we need to access our knowledge.

With those crazy advancements in AI, we can finally make all that manual organization a thing of the past.

How does Gems work?

Enter Gems. Gems is your personal AI knowledge assistant. Just summon it via the CMD + G shortcut, type in your question in natural language and you’ll get a complete, synthesized and ready-to-use answer based on all of the information that’s in all of your apps.

The answer is a written-out text containing sources and ways to dig deeper.

What can you ask Gems? Literally anything you want to know:

  • “Pull up my all notes on Michaela”
  • “What should I learn next about software development?”
  • ...

You don’t even have to provide a prompt yourself. Instead, you can clip text and use that clipped text to augment your prompt.

Why is Gems a game changer?

So Gems takes out the friction of retrieving information. It literally enables you to find anything without having to remember anything. To be perfectly organized without having to organize anything. To get synthesized answers to your every day problems basically without even having to think.

Some of the most productive consultants, bankers and researchers have been using Gems in our private alpha. Feedback has been great already, and this is just the start. Ofc there’s much more to come: encryption, collaboration, SDK,…

Today we’re starting our private beta. If you want to be part of it, sign up – we’ll provide instant access to the first 1,000 people who sign up.

You might end up saving a day every week💫

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