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Get ready-to-use answers from all your knowledge and quit manual organization for good.

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Remember anything.
Just ask a question.

Gems is the shortcut for all your knowledge. Just summon Gems and ask any question.

One simple shortcut

No more 100s of apps, no more folders, no more mental overload.

One simple shortcutGet instant answers

Ask in your own words...

Ask Gems like how you’d ask a friend. It’s fast and feels truly effortless.

Ask in your own words

...or  in somebody else’s

Clip any text to provide context for what you ask Gems.

Someone else words
Remember Anything

Remember anything. Instantly. And without the cognitive overload.

Simple to use

Simple to use. Having the perfect answer is just a question away.

Easy to setup

Easy to set up. Connect your tools in seconds. It’s zero upkeep form here.

More answers.
No more organization.

Get synthesized, ready-to-use answers based on everything you and your team have ever known.

Get instant answers

Gems creates structured, written-out answers. We call each answer a Gem.

Get instant answersGet instant answers

Connect your team’s entire knowledge

Gems searches all your knowledge to formulate a synthesized answer.

Connect your team knowledge
Connect your team's knowledge
Never loose source
Never loose sources

Never lose sources

Gems provides sources with any answer, so you can go back to prove things any time.

All knowledge centalized

All knowledge centalized. Get it all into one place without any work

See connection

See connections. Understand how your entire knowledge is connected.

No manual organization

No manual organization. Be perfectly organized with zero effort.

Share and document.
Zero writing required.

Sharing knowledge has never been easier. Paste Gems anywhere with zero friction.

Paste in one click

Press to paste a Gem into whatever app you’re working in.

Share in a space

Post Gems into spaces that you share with colleagues and friends.

Use your full potential

Use your full potential. Uncover and use hidden gems that you forgot.

Self organized knowlege base

Self-organizing knowledge base. A knowledge repo that nearly fills itself.

For desktop and mobile

For desktop and mobile. Create and access Gems wherever you are.